The Blue Fox Tracker

In the not so distant future governments as we know them have ceased to exist. Giant corporations have taken their place and now engage in bitter armed conflict for control of territory and resources.


The two biggest corporations, Eastern Royal Trading and The Southern Syndicate, first bitter economic rivals but now sworn enemies fight for domination around the world using specially recruited mercenaries.

These mercenaries greatest tool is the BLUE FOX TRACKER. Developed exclusively for DESERT FOX AIRSOFT EVENTS, the BLUE FOX TRACKER integrates into their smart phone devices. The BLUE FOX TRACKER is part squad tracker, part communicator, and will allow each mercenary to track their position, their squads position and receive vital communications from their squad and chain of command


The Blue Fox Tracker is an app developed by Desert Fox Airsoft Events specifically to create fun, fast paced, objective oriented airsoft gameplay. All objectives, respawns, medics and team communications are handled through the app for an exciting new style of gameplay based on smart phone devices with cellular service. All Desert Fox Events are hosted on venues with good service through major cell networks (Verizon).  The app is available for free download on the Apple and Android stores.