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Date(s) - 11/16/2018 - 11/18/2018
All Day

D14 Airsoft

Event Information

Desert Fox Airsoft Events presents our next event!
After their recent victory in Pennsylvania, Eastern Royal Trading continues pressing their advantage south into Texas taking the fight to the Dallas area. Delta 14, aka D14, is a strategic site for The Southern Syndicate and must be seized.
Desert Fox Airsoft presents BATTLE FOR DELTA 14 at D14 Airsoft​ in Sanger, Texas November 16-18!
Registration opens Sunday, August 19th and will be $100.
Q. Do I need to sleep outside?
A. Nope! This is not a continuous event and hotel rooms are encouraged!
Q. Where can I see a complete rulebook?
Q. What are the faction/camouflage rules?
A. It is essentially a green vs tan, but with a twist. Each faction gets a unique accent color that each participant is required to wear, Eastern Royal Trading is red, while Southern Syndicate is blue/grey. These accent colors can be as small as a patch or arm band, or larger.
Eastern Royal Trading uses Dark/Green based camouflage such as M81 Woodland, Multicam Tropic, OD Green, Tiger stripe, Woodland MARPAT, Multicam black, etc.
Southern Syndicate uses Light/Tan based camouflage such as Multicam, Multicam Arid, Three Color Desert, Tan, Grey, etc.
Q. What is the BLUE FOX TRACKER?
A. The BLUE FOX TRACKER the first smartphone app dedicated to enhancing airsoft events is coming out soon. Developed exclusively for DESERT FOX AIRSOFT EVENTS the BLUE FOX TRACKER is part blue force/squad tracker, communicator and bulletin board and will change the way airsoft is played by streamlining and enhancing play.
Q. What is the difference between MilSim West and Desert Fox Airsoft Events?
A. MilSim West is a 40 hour long hard core wargaming experience. Desert Fox Airsoft Events is aimed at those looking for a fun and casual yet still professional airsoft event.
Q. How is Jet involved, is he going to be at every event?
A. Jet Desert Fox owns a majority stake in the company, so he will be at every event
Q. What is the BLUE FOX TRACKER?
A. The Blue Fox Tracker is our upcoming smartphone companion app available for iOS and Android and will operate much like the map and control system in video games. It will be allow players to view themselves. their squad and their teammates position in real time on a map as well as communicate with their squad, team mates and receive updates from game control.
There will also be a more social aspect to the app where players can create profiles and win badges and prizes once our website fully launches.
Q. What will the event format be like? How long is it?
A. The event experience will start Friday with players being able to interact with sponsors and airsoft personalities. Game play will start Saturday morning and will run through to the evening where there will be a break for dinner before the optional night game and then the final scenario on Sunday morning.


Ticketing is closed for this event.

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